The internet is playing an increasingly important role for food-based brands, even if the bulk of your business is conducted offline. Whether you’re a restaurant, pizzeria, or tapas cafe, customers searching online for new dining experiences need to know you exist if they’re going to purchase what you have to offer.

As a growing number of people look online to discover new places to eat or purchase takeaway food, it’s crucial to do what you can to boost your restaurant or services’ discoverability. Social media plays a part, but more and more customers now use targeted sites or apps to seek out their next place to eat, and you don’t want to miss out on this lucrative slice of the market.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about listing on the biggest sites, but appearing on sites that promote you in the right way. Part of this is ensuring you get listed where you’ll be seen by people ready to spend who are looking for new places to try.

Picture power

When it comes to your food-based brand, an appealing graphic will do more than 1000 words to encourage potential customers to visit your premises. The problem with bigger, generic listing sites is that the benefits of advertising are often cancelled out by the poor quality of listings offered, as well as the sky-high fees. This cost can be a major downside for independent or smaller businesses, who just don’t have the budget to compete with the big, multi-national chains.

When you list on the bigger sites, not only will you typically not get the space you need to fully feature your business and showcase what makes you unique, but you often have to pay high commissions on every new customer they send your way. Sites that offer more space for a listing and don’t take commission mean more profit stays in your pocket and provide you with the kind of exposure that wins you custom.

So, what exactly should you be looking for?

A site that allows you to display multiple pictures will be a much better use of your precious marketing budget. You can use this powerful medium to sell your product to customers who haven’t yet experienced what you have to offer. Advertising using the power of pictures means more customers will be tempted into try your brand, rather than it just being yet another name they scroll past.

Go niche to attract more custom

It’s not just photos that count. If you’re looking to expand your food business, for best value you should look for a site that concentrates on a niche market of food lovers actively looking to experience new places to dine, rather than a sprawling site attempting to reach everyone.

Design is critical, as aesthetics are always important when you’re looking to attract interest and persuade new customers to try you out. Sites with an upbeat, appealing design, a focus on graphics, and easy navigation win out over reams of text every time.

People often skip past words, not really taking in much information, but they’ll stop and linger on a tempting plate of tapas or a perfectly presented paella.

Visual media can really sell your brand, so invest in professionally taken pictures of your signature dishes as they’ll be your single biggest promotional tool if your business is food based. They are a long-term investment too, as you can use them again and again to promote your brand.

Tempt customers with a mouth-watering menu

Another vital factor when choosing a listing site is finding one that gives you the ability to display your menu. If you’re a food-based, customer facing brand, your menu will play a major role in converting hungry browsers into paying customers. Never underestimate the power of allowing people a peek at what you’re selling.

If customers can get a sense of your flavour, their taste buds will start watering as they imagine your meals. Consequently, they’ll be much more likely to want to come and visit your location. That’s why websites that allow you to display your menu, or a sample of your menu, beat out basic listings where you can only include your brand name and address, along with some brief text, no matter how big an audience they might claim to reach.

So, you’ve got a selection of high quality, mouth-watering shots and your menu but you’re wondering where you need to be to attract a stream of new customers?

Look for sites that work for your business

If you’re looking for a high-quality place to list that’s rapidly growing and focuses on connecting food lovers with their next meal, a site like Zampoita is a great place to start. For a small monthly investment, you can feature your brand prominently, using pictures of your best dishes, your menu, and a handy location map feature that will direct customers straight to your door.

With a variety of listing options, including the ability to have a featured listing that positions your brand at the top of search results, and a rapidly expanding customer base, Zampoita is a superb way to up your digital marketing game.

The site lets you feature photos of your food alongside your menu, making listings look great, a factor that’s enhanced by the easy to browse, enticingly designed site. Listing with sites like Zampoita allow you to entice an untapped market sector, the online food enthusiast, and give you the benefit of a full-featured listing for a fraction of the cost of other sites that offer you much less.

Zampoita also has an active social media presence, and this is another factor that can greatly help you get discovered by new diners. When you list you can take advantage of this free cross-platform advertising that will put you in front of interested customers.

With a focus on visual content and an appealing design, the emphasis here is on quality not quantity. Perfect if you’re an independent or mid-size brand who wants to make a splash.

As digital marketing will become even more important over the next decade, it makes sense to get in on the action now by getting listed on top quality sites that set out to appeal to your target market, food lovers looking to try dining new experiences.

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